Cycling T shirts for Clydesdales (and anyone else)

When I say cycling T shirts, I don’t mean the sexy lycra body hugging type. I’m talking about the kind you wear at a BBQ, the beach, or around the shops.

There are a few places that sell printed tshirts with pictures or logos on them which will show your love of cycling, and more than likely a bit of humor.
I posted on facebook and twitter a few weeks ago, but never got around to putting anything on the blog. I already have shirts from both these places, and will likely buy more for the summer!

Here are my favorite places to get bike T shirts and a few examples

Sun Frog
Sun Frog are Michigan based and sell a very wide range of printed T shirts. They allow artists to submit designs, and when somebody buys the artist gets a commission. Unlike T spring, designs are live and ready to print/send right away, and will remain there until the artist (or Sun frog) discontinue it.
Sizing for Clydesdales is not a problem. Pricing is reasonable but shipping of course depends on where you are and how much you order!

if I can't take my bike t shirt

If I can’t take my bike I’m not going
This is how I feel after a recent winter holiday was less than expected. However if I had my bike I could have done a lot more exploring and got in some decent exercise

less gas less ass cycling t shirt

Less Gas – Less Ass
Oh so true……..

I love it when my wife lets me go cycling t shirt

So why not take her riding as well? Then give her this T shirt:

I ride like a girl cycling t shirt


Chargrilled  T Shirts

Chargrilled are UK based, and while they don’t have as many bike related T shirts as Sun Frog, they do have a lot of other great shirts!
The sizes are large, so check carefully when ordering

cycling evolution

A very simple Tshirt which will still catch peoples’ eyes

bike smily t shirt

Bike Smily
Although I enjoy my bike the other way up more…..

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  1. Erika Brady

    November 1, 2016

    Biking is my husbands favorite hobby, and I know he would love a shirt like this! I have been wanting to get him a cycling shirt for Christmas and this has given me some good directions. He would laugh at the one that says “I love it when my wife’s lets me go cycling”. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Extra funny gift if given by said wife

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