Fat Guy Across America

The title “Fat Guy Across America” my not be very “politically correct” but I didn’t create it. This is the name of the website created by Clydesdale Cyclist fan and now friend Eric Hites.

Fat Guy Across America is about writer Eric’s journey to ride a bike across America, after which he will record his adventure with a new book. Riding across America is a big challenge, but for Eric it is a bigger challenge than you’d think. First he really doesn’t know much about cycling. He bought a cheap mongoose MTB from Walmart, borrowed a bike trailer, and started riding hoping he’d lose weight and get fitter/faster along the way.

Eric Hites - Fat Guy Acrss AmericaNow speaking of weight, this is where the challenge gets even more impressive.  Eric started the trip scaring the scales at 560lbs (250kg) ! While we were talking we even coined a new term – he isn’t just Clydesdale class he is Rhino class, because not only does he dwarf most people considered a Clydesdale, but his mind is set on being an unstoppable force on his journey. His adventure is inspirational for everybody who thinks they are not capable of impressive sporting feats. While he may not be fast, he is riding more miles every day than somebody sitting on a couch who is doing nothing about their state of health.

Support “Fat Guy Across America”

As impressed I am with his resolve to do this I am not just going to post about his adventure, I’m actually going to contact some people I know and see if we can get him some support. He has already put the original rear wheel out of true, and I’m sure he is going to have other issues along the way. I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t end up with some TV interviews!

If you want to provide even moral support then check out his website at, but if you are interested in doing more to help you can contact him via his website.