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I’m the Clydesdale Cyclist

I’m going to bring you real cycling tips not just for beginners but also for more serious cyclists like me. I made this video while I was out riding to explain more about what I’m going to bring you.

Why “Clydesdale Cyclist”? I’m bigger than not just the average cyclist, but also the average person! So I have to buy gear that is good quality and going to last. I do love “weight weenie gear” but a lot of that stuff is not up to handling my weight. If something breaks while I’m riding I’m going to potentially risk my life, and definitely waste my money! So when I find something I like I’m going to let you know. But at the same time if something doesn’t measure up I’ll speak out as well.

I’m an engineer so I know the difference between stuff that works, and plain marketing hype. A lot of commercial “review and advice” sites are worried about upsetting their advertisers, so they only post good reviews. Also big companies fly writers to exotic locations for big product launches, so these other sites don’t want to miss out on that!

I’m not just going to talk about the latest greatest stiffer lighter more aero stuff. I’m going to talk about things I use that make cycling more affordable or more enjoyable. Buying stuff on line is great, but if you don’t have the tools, you’ll look like a tool walking into a bike shop and asking them to fit something you didn’t buy from them! So I plan on showing you not only where to get good deals, but how to fit the parts you need to buy, and how to maintain them.

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