Bikes for Clydesdales and Casual riding

Cycling at any level is fantastically enjoyable and fantastic exercise. Clearly there are a lot of Clydesdales out there that agree for me because this sections on bikes for heavy riders have been one of the most popular pages on my … more

Unboxing Aero Carbon Fiber Wheels

Good wheels and tires are the #1 keys to speed while cycling – apart from improving the motor (ie the rider). When it comes to road cycling at speeds over 30kph aerodynamics become an increasingly important factor. My “normal” everyday riders have been a se … more

Ultegra cassettes vs. 105 – are they worth it?


UPDATE: I first wrote this article about the difference between Ultegra 680 cassettes and Shimano 105 5800 cassette a while ago, and I was of the opinion there was very little between them. Then just … more

Basic Bike Cleaning & Maintenance

Like any Clydesdale cyclist, you want your bike to last as many years as possible after all, bikes are not cheap (especially the good ones).
How often you service your bicycle depends on how much mileage you put on it every week. It is recommended that you service your bike … more

Cycling T shirts for Clydesdales (and anyone else)

When I say cycling T shirts, I don’t mean the sexy lycra body hugging type. I’m talking about the kind you wear at a BBQ, the beach, or around the shops.
There are a few places that sell printed tshirts with pictures or logos on them which will show your love of cycling, and more than likely a … more

Extra funny gift if given by said wife

Biking is my husbands favorite hobby, and I know he...

What makes strong wheels for a heavy cyclist?

If you are a heavy cyclist you really need strong wheels suitable for your type of riding. If your weight is too much above average, most likely the first things you will damage are the wheels. You will either break spokes, have trouble keeping the wheel straight (in true), or even worse … more

Ksyrium Elites have proven to be very solid for many...

First set of mavic Ksyrium Elites, 40,000 km, bashed them,...

[…] If you are a heavy cyclist you really need...

Small bike for a BIG cyclist

Yes it is a folding bike!
I got this Dahon Archer P8 when I first got to Shanghai for work as I wanted a bike to keep in my apartment so I could go exploring. I get a lot of stares from the locals. I don’t know if it is because I’m the only per … more

[…] If you have limited storage space but want to...

Beefier bikes on a budget for large cyclists

If you read my previous page about good bikes for heavy cyclists and casual riding, and still look at those bikes and think “Nope- I really need more beef, because I have too much beef for them”
then keep reading!
Really the next step up from those types of bikes is a m … more

The five models reviewed above are a great way for anyone...

Bikes for a heavy cyclist & casual riding

I said it previously, but there is no such thing as *the* best bike for a heavy cyclist.
It really depends on the rider and what sort of riding, where, and how far they want to go.

In my previous article about what to look out for in a bike for a big cyclist, I hi … more

How to choose a bike for a big cyclist

I’m an engineer, and I hate being asked questions like “what is the best bike for a Clydesdale?”

I need to consider a few more parameters. There is no one correct answer to cover every big cyclist out ther … more

[…] as you may have seen in my other articles...

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